The Ultimate Guide To Classic Car Storage: 3 Essential Rules To Keep Autos Safe In Self-Storage


When storing your classic car, you want it to be safe in storage. There are many things that you will need to do before parking your car, such as cleaning, tune-up and changing the oil. Covers or protective vinyl covering are other improvements that can be done to protect your car even more in storage. Here are some essential rules to ensure your car is in the same condition when you get it out of storage:

1. Finding the Right Place to Store Your Car at The Perfect Facility

The most important part of storing a classic car is choosing the best facility and space for the car. Some self-storage services have open parking, which will leave your car exposed to the elements but will be the cheapest option; make sure to use a cover with open parking. Other facilities have covered storage to park vehicles, which may still be exposed to sunlight and the elements. Check out the location of the facility and whether they have 24-hour security and other measures to protect property. The best option is a gated storage with a completely enclosed unit, 24-hour surveillance, alarms, and video surveillance.

2. Servicing and Maintenance That Cars Need Before Storage

Service and maintenance of your car are important before you take your car to the storage facility. Make sure you check all the fluids and have them changed before you park your car for the winter months. Flush the cooling system and make sure you use an antifreeze that protects the engine from hard freezes during winter storage. In addition, treat the oil and gas before storing your car. Use oil soaked cloths to protect any exposed metal parts that are at risk of rust due to exposure to moisture.

3. Protecting Paint, Body, Tires, and Wheels to Keep Your Vehicle Safe in Storage

You will also want to protect the paint, body, tires, and wheels of your car. To start, wash your car and wax it with a protective treatment. There are also vinyl wraps that can be installed to protect your car while in storage; a plain white vinyl wrap is an affordable solution for valuable cars. Use covers on the wheels to protect them and the tires from the elements while the car is in storage. In addition, protect the interior by covering everything with old sheets, plastic, and cardboard, which will keep dust away and protect materials from the elements.

These are some essential tips to help ensure your car stays safe in self-storage and is in the same condition when you get it out. If you are ready for a classic, contact a classic car sales service and consider some of these tips for storage and transporting your car.  

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25 July 2017

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