Important Traits For A Utility Trailer Ramp Door


When you shop for an enclosed utility trailer, you'll need to decide what type of door you want. While some of these trailers have a pair of swinging doors, others have what is known as a ramp door. This is a door that is hinged across the bottom and folds down to open. It's handy because it doubles as a ramp, which makes it easy to load and unload heavy objects. You can expect to see a lot of utility trailers that are equipped with ramp doors when you visit a local trailer supplier. If you're leaning toward this type of door, here are some important traits that you should look for.

Cable-Free Design

You'll see some ramp doors that have cables that connect the door to the top of the door frame. There are other ramp doors that have a cable-free design. In general, you'll find that a cable-free ramp door will be a better choice for you. A door that has cables can present some challenges, as the cables will often be in the way when you're loading and unloading the trailer. People can sometimes walk into the cables because they don't immediately notice them when they're focused on loading or unloading the trailer. A door that has a cable-free design will eliminate incidents of this nature.

Textured Surface

You'll walk up and down the ramp door countless times in the years ahead, and you want to be able to do so confidently. Make sure that you check the surface of any ramp door before you buy a particular utility trailer. Lots of these doors have a textured surface that makes them safe and easy to walk on, even in wet conditions. While you could theoretically buy a trailer that has a non-textured door and apply some type of textured material to it afterward, it's easier to simply buy a trailer with a door that already has this feature.

Side Handles

You'll see some ramp doors that have one or more handles on each side of the door. These handles allow you and a partner to lower and raise the door with ease. Without handles, it's still possible to operate the door, but you have to grab its frame. This isn't as easy as using handles. Rather than having to buy handles and add them to your ramp door over time, it's convenient if you can buy a utility trailer with a door that is equipped with handles.

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16 August 2023

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