How To Get A Great Deal On A Used Motorcycle


Just as you can save a bundle buying a used car rather than a brand-new one, buying a used motorcycle is the way to go if you're on a budget. But it's still possible to over-pay for a used bike if you're not careful. To ensure you get an awesome, affordable deal, follow these tips.

Do not pay the sticker price.

If you just walk into a motorcycle dealership and pay the sticker price for a bike, you'll be overpaying. Dealers always price used bikes higher than what they expect to get for them because they expect the buyer to haggle. Be prepared to make an offer lower than the sticker price and for the dealer to make a counter offer. 

Know what a bike is worth.

Consider taking a trip to your local dealership once to get a look at what they have to offer. Test drive a few bikes, see what you like, and then make a short list of two or three bikes you're interested in. Next, go home and research those bikes. Use resources like Kelley Blue Book to find out what the bikes are really worth. Look at local auto listing pages to see if you can find the same bike cheaper elsewhere. Then, decide on a price that is the absolute most you are willing to pay for that bike. Decide, then and there, that no matter what, you will not pay more than that amount for that bike. Ideally, you should choose a top price for two or three bikes so that if your haggling does not go well on the first bike, you can make an offer on another one.

Turn damage and issues into discounts.

Before you make an offer on a specific bike, look it over carefully. Are there any scratches, dings, or other minor damage? If so, take this into account when making your opening offer. For example, you could say to the dealer, "I see the blue book value of this bike is $6,000, but this one has some scratches on the fender. Would you take $5500 for it with that in mind?" They will have a harder time counter-offering if you've stated exactly why your offer is what it is.

Be prepared to walk away.

If you've offered as much as you're willing to pay for the bike but the dealer is not willing to part with it for that amount, be prepared to walk away. Chances are, this is not the only bike of that make and model around. You can look at other dealers to see if they're willing to accept your offer, and you can also look online to see if any individual sellers are looking to part with that same bike. 

Ask about a second bike.

You can also spin the dealer's lack of acceptance of your offer to your advantage if you're willing to buy a different bike from them. This is why it's nice to have offers ready for two or more bikes when you shop. For instance, you could say "So, you can't take $5,500 on the Harley. I am also interested in the Triumph over there. Any chance you could do $5,200 on that one so I don't walk out of here with nothing?" Two things might happen. The dealer may realize you're truly dedicated to your original offer and decide to give you the first bike for that amount, or they might feel bad that they had to decline that first offer, making them more willing to accept the second one.

Motorcycles are not cheap, but there are definitely good deals to be had if you know how to play the game!


28 July 2017

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