Need Nissan Repair? The Pros And Cons Of Taking Your Car To A Nissan Dealership For Service And Repairs


If you own a Nissan, you have a decision to make when your car needs repairs or service, such as an oil change, brake repair or transmission flush. You can either take the car to a Nissan dealership and have it repaired or you can take it to a general auto repair shop where all types of cars are worked on for repairs. Learning the pros and cons will help you determine which is right for you. Here are a couple of those pros and cons:

The Cons of Taking Your Car to a Nissan Dealership for Service and Repairs

  • The Cost

One of the benefits of taking your car to a local mechanic over the dealership repair shop is the cost. Dealership repair shops tend to have a higher cost than local mechanics. Of course, this may not always be the case, so it can be beneficial to get price estimates if you know what repairs you need. But as a general rule of thumb, dealership repair shops tend to be on the higher end for repair costs. 

  • May Take a Few Days to Get an Appointment

The other downside to taking your car to the dealership is that it can take a few days to even get an appointment. Unlike like repair shops, many dealerships do not offer same day appointments or walk-ins. This is because they service all warranty repairs as well as the free service that may be offered when you buy a new Nissan, which causes them to be busier. If you need an appointment now, you may not be able to get it at the dealership. 

The Pros of Taking Your Car to a Nissan Dealership for Service and Repairs

  • They Specialize in Nissan Repair

The biggest advantage to taking your car to the dealership is that they specialize in Nissan repair. They do not repair any other type of vehicle there. That means they know the ins and outs of working on Nissan cars. This makes them experts and ensures they know what is recommended by Nissan as far as repairs and maintenance goes. 

  • Ensures Your Warranty Stays Valid

The other benefit to taking your car to the dealership is that you ensure your warranty stays valid. If your car is under warranty, genuine Nissan parts and repair procedures have to be followed or your warranty can be voided. A dealership does this, ensuring your warranty remains valid in the future. A private mechanic may not know the correct procedures or use genuine Nissan parts, which can void your warranty. 

When you need Nissan repair, you can take your car to your local Nissan dealership for repairs or you can go to a trusted auto mechanic who is familiar with repairing Nissan. Learning the benefits and drawbacks of each will help you determine which is right for your car. 

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13 August 2017

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