3 Maintenance Tips That Can Keep Your Used Car Working Great For Years


If you have a used car, it's important to take good care of it over the years. Otherwise, you may experience complicated and expensive repairs on a regular basis. Whether you work with a local Volvo service center or other mechanic shop, you can safeguard your used vehicle from these unnecessary repairs simply by maintaining it in the following ways: 

Change the Engine Air Filter 

The air filter in your car plays an important role for the engine. It's designed to screen particles and debris, ensuring your engine doesn't overheat or wear down prematurely. It can only be effective at this task, though, if it's in good condition and clean.

Every couple of months, inspect the filter for debris, dirt, and damage. If any are present, you'll need to find a suitable replacement. So that you can save on replacement costs, it may be a good idea to choose a reusable air filter. When it gets dirty, you can give it a thorough cleaning and continue using it. You can do this several times before having to find a replacement.

Keep Your Tires Aired Up 

One of the most important maintenance steps you can perform is to check each tire's air pressure. Knowing these PSI (pounds per square inch) figures is paramount for driving safely on the road. After all, when your tires are too low, you could experience blow-outs and then lose control of your car all together.

Checking your PSI is relatively easy when you use a digital tire pressure gauge. It reads PSI figures rather quickly and prominently displays them thanks to the back-lit display. You can then compare these readings with the optimal readings recommended by the tire manufacturer. If the readings are too low, put more air in. If they're too high, take some air out. 

Check the Transmission Fluid 

For your transmission to work smoothly and not overheat, it needs to contain the right amount of transmission fluid. You can check the level yourself. First, you'll need to locate the transmission dipstick. It will be labeled.

Take the dipstick out and give it a through clean. Insert it back inside and take it out again to see where the fluid levels fall. If they're below the full line, you'll need to add more fluid. If, however, the fluid has a dark, sludge-like consistency, you'll need to flush your transmission fluid completely.

Just because you have a used car, doesn't mean it can't work great for years. You just need to stay on top of maintenance throughout the entire year, focusing on key components like the engine, tires, and transmission. 


9 April 2018

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