Three Reasons You Shouldn'T Be Afraid Of The Used Car Lot


Used car dealers have a bad reputation, but this is often undeserved. Especially with modern vehicles, used cars often represent an incredible bargain and a great way to pick up a phenomenal vehicle that might be otherwise out of reach. If you are currently on the hunt for a new (to you!) car, then visiting a used car dealer is likely to be a great option. If you find that you are still hesitant, consider these three great reasons why used car lots are nothing to be afraid of.

Modern Cars Can Go the Distance

The average age of a car in the United States is now almost 12 years. Modern cars are built better and last much longer than older counterparts. Not only does this mean that used car lots contain plenty of cars with lots of life left in them, it also means that you will be putting out less money over the long run. Maintenance costs are one of the greatest fears that most people have when purchasing a used vehicle for sale, but the greater reliability of modern vehicles means that even cars long out of warranty are generally fairly cheap to maintain.

New Car Depreciation is Huge

A new car takes its largest depreciation hit when it is first driven off of the lot. After that, depreciation slows as the car gains miles. By buying used, you avoid losing a large amount of money almost immediately. Instead, you get to enjoy a much slower depreciation curve on a vehicle that is likely just as reliable as it was when new. This also makes the long-term ownership cost of used cars significantly lower. Since your vehicle is losing less of its value each year, your total cost of ownership will be that much lower once you are ready to sell it.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars Can Still Offer Peace of Mind

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles have been checked by certified dealer technicians and they carry a warranty that is very similar to a new car warranty. These cars will tend to cost slightly more than an equivalent vehicle that is not CPO, but they can provide you with extra peace of mind if you are particularly concerned about reliability. If you would rather not purchase a CPO car, you can still have some protection against unforeseen issues by buying an extended warranty. These are offered by both dealers and by third parties.

While buying a new car can be tempting, it is worth seriously considering a used purchase instead. Not only will be able to buy something reliable for much less than the cost of a new car, but you can also use the money that you save to move up into a nicer, more luxurious vehicle than you would have otherwise been able to afford.


26 September 2019

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