4 Benefits Of Buying A Car With Electronic Stability Control


When are purchasing a new vehicle, you want to make sure the car work features for you. One of the safety features you can get is an electronic stability control (ESC) system.

An ESC system uses a computer system to evaluate your driving at all times. It is looking for moments when, as a driver, you are at risk of losing control. If the computer ESC system determines you are at risk of losing control, it will apply the braking system to individual wheels. The system will decide which wheels need to have brakes applied to help your vehicle maintain traction. This allows your vehicle to maintain traction in sticky situations. An ESC system provides many benefits.

#1: Assist with Turning

Making a turn is a complex process that requires multiple systems to keep the center of gravity of your vehicle in the right place and provide you with the traction to take sharp corners and turns without rolling over. The ESC is one system, along with your sway bar, that plays a significant role in keeping your vehicle on its intended path when turning.

#2: Avoid Skidding and Sliding

When you are driving on a gravel road or on an icy or slick road, your chances of skidding and sliding with your vehicle increase, as your tires have a difficult time maintaining traction. An ESC system helps ensure that when you brake, you don't end up sliding or skidding off the road or into the other lane of traffic.

#3: Reduce Rollovers

When you have to slam on the brakes, an ESC system will work with you to make sure the pressure is applied to the brakes in a way that will help your vehicle maintain traction. An ESC system will help reduce the chances that your vehicle will roll over when you're trying to avoid an accident. Avoiding rolling over can significantly decrease the chance of a passenger fatality in an accident. 

#4: Maintain Vehicle Control

An ESC system can also help improve your overall vehicle control and handling. Your handling will be smoother with this system in place, and you will always feel like you have the traction you need, leading to a more comfortable and safe drive. 

If you are looking to stay safe on the road, consider buying a new vehicle equipped with electronic stability control. ESC can help reduce the chance of rollovers and loss-of-control accidents while increasing your overall vehicle control.

Be sure to research other modern safety features to find the best safety features that will help keep you and your family safe on the road before buying a new vehicle. Contact a local car dealership to learn more.


15 January 2021

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