5 Important Warning Signs Your Catalytic Converter Is Failing


Your catalytic converter is one of the many essential components of your vehicle's emission system. The catalytic converter is designed to take your exhaust and remove the pollutants from the exhaust to ensure the exhaust that comes out of your vehicle is as safe as possible for the environment.

A catalytic converter is a part that should last the lifetime of your vehicle. However, sometimes, especially if you have an older vehicle, the catalytic converter becomes clogged and has to be either repaired or replaced.

Warning Sign #1: Check Engine Light

Your catalytic converter is one of the many systems that can trigger your check engine light to come on. The on-board diagnostic system in your vehicle is designed to test the catalytic converter automatically. The diagnostic systems test the catalytic converter by measuring by taking information from the air-to-fuel ration sensors and oxygen sensors to monitor your catalytic converter's overall efficiency. If your vehicle is released excessive pollution, the check engine light will come on.

That doesn't mean you have to replace your entire catalytic convertor — you may need to replace a bad spark plug that is impacting your catalytic converter's performance.

Warning Sign #2: Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

If your fuel efficiency suddenly and unexpectedly drops from being decent to horrible, more than likely, the catalytic converter is clogged up. When your engine isn't getting the oxygen it needs and it has to work harder than it should, it will eat up more fuel, which will lead to you getting fewer miles per gallon. Fuel efficiency doesn't just decrease for no reason.

Warning Sign #3: Reduced Engine Performance

When you are driving and you press on the gas, your vehicle should respond. If your vehicle isn't speeding up like it should when you press on the gas, that can be caused by gas getting trapped instead of processed and released through the catalytic converter. Your engine can stall and act like it is out of gas when the catalytic converter is all clogged.

Warning Sign #4: Trouble Starting

There are many reasons why your vehicle may not start up as it should, and the catalytic converter is one of those issues. If the catalytic converter is clogged up and the exhaust can't correctly exit your vehicle through the muffler, this can cause your car to stall and stop running after a few minutes.

Warning Sign #5: Sulfur Smell

The catalytic converter is a system that reduces pollution in your vehicle. When it is clogged up and not working properly, you may smell a rotten egg smell from your exhaust, which can even leak into your cabin. When your car smells weird, you should always get that checked out.

Your catalytic converter is designed to remove pollution from your exhaust before it is expelled from the muffler. When your catalytic converter isn't working correctly, it can result in reduced engine performance, stalling, poor gas mileage, and even a sulfur smell. A failing catalytic converter can also trigger your check engine light. If you notice any of the warning signs, you will want to get your vehicle into the repair shop.

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17 March 2021

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