Top Tips When Buying a Dump Trailer


Are you looking for a dump trailer for sale? Essentially, your choice of dump trailer will depend on the intended use. However, some features differentiate dump trailers, including the carrying capacity, the material, and the lifting mechanism. Here are the main factors to consider while purchasing a dump trailer. 


The primary use of dump trailers is to transport heavy loads. Thus, it is essential to consider the carrying capacity of the trailer. In this case, assess the type of work that the trailer will undertake. Think about the maximum cargo weight you intend to carry and select a trailer rated for such a load. More importantly, think about the capacity of your tow truck. You will require a towing vehicle that can pull both the dump trailer and its maximum load. 


The size of the dump trailer you purchase depends on several factors. Broadly, think about the type of loads you intend to carry. For instance, you may require a sizeable dump trailer to handle a huge load in the construction industry. Consider the types of roads that you will be driving through. If the streets are narrow, you may want to buy a smaller trailer. However, the cost of the dump trailer also varies with the size. This means the size of the dump trailer will also depend on your budget. 


The most common materials used to make dump trailers are steel and aluminum. Steel is heavier but susceptible to rust and corrosion, however, manufacturers also provide galvanized steel. Galvanizing is the process of submerging steel with rust-resistant chemicals. Although galvanized dump trailers are expensive, they have a longer lifespan. But you may opt for aluminum dump trailers since the material is lighter and resistant to corrosion. Ultimately, the type of material will impact the durability, strength, and maintenance cost of the dump trailer.

Lifting Mechanism 

It is crucial to consider the lifting mechanism of the dump trailer. Typically, there are three primary lifting mechanisms in the market. The most widely used mechanism is the telescopic hydraulic lift mounted on the center front of the trailer box. Then there is the dual-piston that pushes the trailer to its dumping angle using two pistons. However, modern dump trailers now feature a scissors lift that spreads the load evenly during lifting. Regardless of the mechanism, find out the exact lifting weight and the ease of maintenance.

All in all, purchasing a dump trailer is not a simple pick-and-choose process. One must evaluate the different features of a dump trailer for suitability, quality, and durability.


29 July 2021

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