Pros And Cons Of A Truck With Higher Clearance


When you are looking for a new truck, you may want to consider the pros and cons of a lifted one. Some trucks include factory-lifted trucks with higher clearance. However, higher clearance isn't for everyone. For some people, a standard lift truck may be a better choice. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of a truck with higher clearance.

Pros of a Truck With Higher Clearance

Higher clearance has many benefits, especially if you drive off of paved roads. Here are some of the benefits a higher clearance can provide.

Less Like To Get Stuck

With higher clearance, your truck will be able to clear deep ruts, high snowfall, and rocks.

Less Damage to the Underside

Your truck is less likely to hit objects sticking out of the ground.

More Comfort

Larger tires and improved suspension systems often make for a smoother ride.

More Visibility

Higher clearance gives you more visibility over other vehicles.

More High Traction Tire Choices

Larger truck tires have more options for high-traction tires.

In addition to the above, many truck models with increased clearance also have more horsepower. They may also have additional features like transmission coolers and hitch mounts.

Cons of a Truck With a Higher Clearance

The downsides to a lifted truck mostly apply to people who use their trucks only on paved roads. In some cases, a normal or low clearance may be more beneficial. Here are some downsides to higher clearance.

Less Road Stability

Lifted trucks tend to have a different center of gravity. You may notice a difference in how your truck feels on paved roads compared to a standard lift truck.

Lower Gas Mileage

Larger tires may mean lower gas mileage on paved roads. If you drive long distances over paved roads, a standard lift truck may be more beneficial.

Less Aerodynamic

A lifted truck will have more wind resistance and drag. Increased drag means you will use more power when you drive into the wind.

More Effort To Get In and Out

For many people, an extra few inches to climb in is not a problem. However, if you plan to tote around other people, especially children, the constant climbing up and down can be burdensome.

While you can lift or lower your truck after you buy it, you are best off with a factory-modified truck. Factory-modified trucks ensure the suspension and steering are safe and stable for your specific model. Also, consult the dealership if you plan to upsize your tires, as these also require precise calculations. If you are in the market for a new truck, such as a new 2021 Chevrolet truck, and want to know more about your options, check with a dealership for more information.


3 November 2021

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